31th of March 

A beautiful little stallion was born. 

E: Marystown Cowboys Jazz

U: Limeligts Nigella



6th of October 

Now it's time for our foals to stand on their own legs. It usually takes a month before we split up foal and mare for good.

We begin slowly, first by removing the mother only at night for one week. Then for a couple of days during day time - until they finally manage to feel comfortable by themselves.

In case of interest, they can be booked already now. They will also soon appear on "for sale"-page along with more information.

2nd of June

Our website is updated after a long rest.

                                                                                 Sold 2019                                                                                

Ellamins Cosmic Tiger 

Ellamins Jacson 

Ellamins Cosmic Velvet 

Ellamins Cosmic Carmen 

Oakstar Happy Diamond 

Ellamins Cosmic Lady Madonna 

Tattooed Athena